Why Switch? The Top 3 Reasons to Join a Credit Union

Credit Unions have been a part of the world’s financial system since 1849 and have swelled to include over 100 million members in America alone. The pioneers of the credit union movement weren’t happy with the banks where they held their money, and wanted to give consumers a choice between financial institutions. If you’re wondering why it’s worth it for you to switch to a credit union, check out the three top reasons to join this year.

You’ll save a ton of money.

While banks exist to make a profit, credit unions exist to serve their members. Most credit unions have a not-for-profit status, meaning that excess profits go back to members in the form of lower fees and lower interest rates, rather than in the pockets of rich shareholders. In fact, in 2011 credit union members around the country saved over $6 billion when they banked with a credit union versus a bank.Let’s compare the fees of BB&T and AmeriChoice Federal Credit Union (FCU), a large bank versus a local credit union.

BB&T Bank AmeriChoice
Overdraft Fee $12.50 $2.00
Savings Account $25 minimum to open $5 minimum to open
Restrictions $5 monthly maintenance
or $300 minimum balance / $25 monthly deposit or transfer
No monthly maintenance fees

You won’t have to compromise on quality of service for variety of products.

One of the biggest misconceptions about credit unions is that they don’t offer the same services or products as banks. The fact is that most credit unions are able to offer all the products and services you come to expect in your financial institution, whether that is loans, savings, or day-to-day checking accounts.

Credit unions are also adopting technology quicker than ever, many creating mobile banking apps and the ability to do all of your banking online. All this technology and variety of products doesn’t compromise the quality of service you can expect. A recent survey showed that credit unions scored an 87% on member satisfaction.

You are more than an account number.

Credit unions are owned by their members. When you pay $5 to open an account, this investment ensures you are a shareholder in the company. You even have the option to sit on the Board of Directors, a vital part of steering the future of your credit union.

If you’re unhappy about something, you can call and speak to a person and know that your voice will be heard.

Credit unions are the ideal choice for people looking for a financial institution they can trust with the products and services they need to manage their money effectively. Become one of the over 100 million people in the country to switch their money to a credit union. Learn more about credit union membership at AmeriChoice FCU today!

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