Free Apps to Help Breeze Through the Holidays

Many of our members are looking for additional ways to save and make their holiday shopping easier and more efficient! Aside from the standard holiday preparations which can include: saving in a holiday club account, utilizing a personal loan or credit card, spreading shopping out throughout the year, and not to mention, joining every store loyalty program possible, we have found even more ways to make things easier this time of year.

Most of us have used GroupOn or LivingSocial to help us find great shopping deals nearby, but we have some hidden gems to introduce to you that will save you time and money!

The season of giving is also, unfortunately, the season of spending. It’s the second week of November and you already have your shopping list made and a budget thought out in your head. Everyone has a game plan when it comes to holiday shopping, and if your plan is to go out without knowing of the best possible shopping deals, then there is a place you’re forgetting to look…. YOUR CELL PHONE!

Your cell phone is like this hi-tech genius shopper you keep in your pocket, filled with coupons, deals and strategies to help you SAVE money while buying for your loved ones. The truth of reality is, not a lot of people use their cell phone as a “shopper’s guide” – but doing so could change your way of shopping forever!

RetailMeNot: This app will actually alert you when you’re near a store that has a sale or coupons available! You can choose from the plethora of retailers and find coupon codes while you’re on the go. Pull up the coupon and the cashier can scan it right off your cell phone! (Free for Android and iPhone)

RedLaser: Scan a bar code for a jacket you’ve had your eye on for that special someone and RedLaser will tell you WHERE to find the best possible price!! Whether it is in store, or online – this app will let you know if there are any deals available to go along with it. (Free for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone)

BuyVia: This is more of a tool than just another app on your cell phone! BuyVia allows you to actually COMPARE prices for big tech purchases such as laptops, video game consuls and smart phones. Compare the prices before you purchase and the app will send you a notification when the item goes on sale! (Free for iPhone)

SnipSnap: If you are someone who likes cutting out coupons and saving them this will be the app for you! Instead of carrying around a stack of coupons, or even worse, forgetting them at home – take a picture of your coupons with the SnipSnap app! The app will convert them into mobile-optimized offers that you can redeem in stores, right off your cell phone screen. (Free for iPhone)

Favado: Coupons aren’t only used for the mall, you’re going to have to get that Holiday dinner prepared soon and Favado is here to help! This app lets you build a shopping list based on sales that are happening at your local grocery store, it even automatically pulls in coupons for the groceries you need! You can “heart” your favorite brands and Favado will notify you when they go on sale in your area. (Free for iPhone and Android)

Make this holiday season a breeze. When the malls start getting too crowded to move, you’ll know exactly where you’re going and what you’re buying. No need for window shopping when you have the best possible deals on your favorites, right in the palm of your hand!