Employee Spotlight: Meet Carrie Shaffer!

Carrie Shaffer is the Financial Service Representative at the Sporting Green office.  Carrie has held various positions at AmeriChoice since she started in November 2008.  She started as a member service representative at the Sporting Green branch, then branch manager at the Highland Park office in 2011, and now as a Financial Service Representative, where she has been since 2012.

She says her favorite thing about working at AmeriChoice is the family setting, not just with co-workers but with the members, “We know our members and usually what is going on in their everyday life, having that relationship makes me love what I do.”

There is no “normal” day for Carrie.  Some days, she might be working with a member to get their accounts set up, and other days she might be taking a loan application to get a member their dream car.   “I like the feeling that I am able to help someone with their financial needs and possibly lead them to something that they might not have realized that they were in need of.  It’s really neat to see someone grow financially and be a part of that” she said.

Having a tight knit group of co-workers is one thing that Carrie loves about working at AmeriChoice, “I’ve had so many memories, between working at Highland Park and Sporting Green, we always have something to laugh about, and that makes coming to work each day worth it.”

Carrie grew up in a military family, living in various states and countries, but her family is from Auto, West Virginia.  She moved to Central Pennsylvania when she was 11 and has lived in the area since.

When Carrie isn’t at work, you can find her watching college football and cheering on her favorite team, the West Virginia Mountaineers.

Next time you’re in the Sporting Green office, say hi to Carrie!