Financial Services for Today’s Teens


Save, spend, borrow, and invest your money the smart way with our financial program just for teens. If you are a teen between the ages of 13 and 17, then the MyChoice Teen Club was designed with you in mind. We’ll help you manage your money today and get you started on a strong financial future. Best of all, the AmeriChoice MyChoice Teen Club is completely FREE!

MyChoice Teen Club Details

Savings Account
Open a Savings Account with only $5 and enjoy no monthly fees as you save for the things that are important to you!

Free Checking Account*
No minimum balance requirement and no monthly service fee! Optional cash back debit card.

Add the Save the Change Option
Your debit card purchases round to the nearest dollar and we deposit the difference from your purchase in to a separate savings account. It’s an easy way to build your savings without a lot of work!

Free 24/7 Access to your accounts with online and mobile banking.

*To open a checking or savings account and have use of a debit card, the signature of a parent or guardian is required and must be joint on the account. Restrictions may apply.

MyChoice Teen Club Benefits

Earn cash rewards for saving with a stamp card!
Bring your stamp card with you when you make a deposit of $25 or more into your MyChoice account. When you get 10 stamps, you earn a $10 reward deposited right into your account!*(Limit of one cash bonus per calendar quarter).
*The dollar value of the incentives may be reported to the IRS, and the recipient is responsible for and federal, state, or local taxes owed.

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Student Activities Loan
This loan is specifically for your parents to help pay for school activities, sports, dances, uniforms, a new laptop, anything you need for school. Ask one of our representatives for more details!

Become a MyChoice Teen Club Member TODAY!

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At age 18 you will no longer be eligible for the benefits of the MyChoice Teen Club.