Start Your Personal Financial Analysis

Save Money AND Pay Your Bills

 If you’re tired of the bank nickel and diming you at every turn, credit union membership is a great alternative. We go the extra mile for our members with services like our FREE personal financial analysis. Here’s how it works:

  1. Step One: Our experts will review your current financial situation, including any recurring bills or loan payments. Make sure to tell them what your financial goals are!
  2. Step Two: They will identify opportunities where you can restructure your debt at lower interest rates to save money and then walk you through the restructuring process.
  3. Step Three: The money you saved by restructuring your debt will go into a savings account that works toward your unique goals.

The personal financial analysis can help you take control of your debt and start down a path of financial independence. We can’t guarantee that every member could save money by restructuring debt, and our experts will be honest about what steps make sense for your situation. But you never know until you ask! Don’t give the bank any more of your nickels and dimes until you talk to AmeriChoice.

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